ZFR micro powder rotor scale


The standard system of ZFR micro powder rotor scale consists of a powder feeder ZFG (including a double-disc feeder, a screw overflow hinge, a double impeller feeder, an electric flow unloading device, etc.), a rotor weighing system ZZC, and a computer control subsystem ZFG-PLC. It can be used for dynamic continuous feeding and metering of jetting, non-jetting, and powdered materials, and has a wide range of applications in industries such as cement, chemical, steel, metallurgy, power generation, and food. Especially in the quantitative feeding, conveying, and metering process of powdered materials. This system has unparalleled advantages over other measuring methods, and plays an extremely important role in energy saving, reducing consumption, and stabilizing operating conditions.

Micro powder rotor scale2

II. Working principle
The material first enters the buffer chamber of the feeder, and under the action of stirring and gravity, it enters the pressure equalization chamber, where the material density is not affected by the bin pressure and remains constant. As the feeder rotates, the material is filled into the discharge chamber and evenly discharged to the lower rotor weighing system through the partition impeller. The material discharge speed can be infinitely adjusted with the speed of the feeder. After the material reaches the rotor scale body, it is scraped off by the internally uniformly rotating impeller, and after running halfway around the circumference in the scale body, it is discharged through the discharge port. Since there is always material in half of the scale body, the weight and change of the material are detected by detecting the signal change of the empty-side sensor. The weight signal and the speed signal output by the rotor pulse sensor are sent to the PLC, and the instantaneous flow rate can be obtained by accumulation.

III. Performance index


IV. Application case


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