Project Management

We apply special knowledge, skills, tools and methods in new projects or large-scale old renovation activities in the fields of cement, chemical industry, metallurgy, mining and others, to assist the project construction unit to achieve the overall monitoring and control of a series of related activities and stage goals, so as to achieve or exceed the set expectations and goals, achieve first-class project management and control purposes, and reduce project losses due to lack of professionals. The main control aspects include cost control, man-machine organization control, time schedule control, safety and environmental protection control, management communication control, etc. We cooperate with construction units in the form of dispatching project managers and professional engineer teams. Among them, the project manager is a comprehensive management talent with experience in independently undertaking and managing comparable projects with a contract amount of more than 50 million RMB. The professional engineer team is configured according to project needs, including civil engineers, mechanical and electrical engineers, process engineers, budget cost engineers, measurement engineers, quality engineers, etc. All engineers are experienced in the industry and can complete professional work independently.

Professional team

We have more than 100 project management and construction professionals, including more than 30 with senior titles and more than 50 with intermediate titles. All of them have the ability to manage or construct 5 simultaneous projects.

Equipment and tools: 

We have more than 300 sets of various special construction equipment and tools, a complete range of installation and maintenance of construction tools and inspection, measurement and testing equipment.