Dry Fog Dust Suppression System

Dry fog dust suppression system

In recent years, with the warming of  cement industry market and the gradual improvement of national environmental protection requirements, various cement enterprises have paid more and more attention to environmental health. Many cement companies have put forward the slogan of building a "garden-style cement factory", and investment in environmental reform has been increasing.

The most dusty place of cement factory is the limestone yard. Due to the high distance between the long arm of the stacker and the ground, and the inability to install dust collector, the stacker raises ash easily during stacking process , which is extremely unfavorable to the health of the staff and the smooth operation of the equipment.

In orfer to sovle this problem, Tianjin Fiars intelligent technology Co, Ltd, developed the dry fog dust suppression system. Its principle is to generate a large amount of dry mist through the atomizing nozzle, and spray it to cover the place where the dust is generated. When the dust particles contact the dry mist, they will stick to each other, agglomerate and increase, and finally sink under their own gravity to achieve the purpose of eliminating dust.

Dry fog dust suppression system1
Dry fog dust suppression system2

The dust suppression system have the following four applications :

I. Installed on the stacker and reclaimer

The dry fog and dust suppression of the stacker is to install a certain number of nozzles at the long arm of the stacker. The dry fog generated by the nozzles can completely cover the blanking point, so that the dust cannot be raised, thus completely solving the problem of the yard. The dust problem not only ensures the health of the post personnel, but also increases the service life of the equipment and spare parts.

II. Installed on the roof of the raw material storage yard

For the raw material yard that does not use a stocker to unload, a certain number of nozzles can be installed on the top of the roof, and the mist generated by the nozzles can suppress the dust raised in the air.

III. Installed on both sides of the road

The spray dust suppression system can be used for automatic road spraying, which can suppress dust and prevent catkins and poplars produced in spring. Continuous or intermittent spraying can be set according to the situation.

Dry fog dust suppression system3

IV. For equipment spraying

The spray dust suppression system can also be used for equipment spraying. High equipment or system temperature caused by process or equipment problems will affect equipment safety, time and product quality. According to the actual situation, a spray (water) system can be installed in the place where high temperature is generated, and an automatic adjustment device can be configured, which can automatically start and stop according to the set temperature range without manual operation.

The dry fog dust suppression system developed by Tianjin Fiars is a mature and reliable system. It has solved the problem of heavy ash for more than 20 cement plants such as BBMG and Nanfang Cement, and has been well accepted by our customers.