Dry Fog Dust Suppression System

Dry fog dust suppression system

Project start date: February 2019

Project Location: BBMG Limestone Circular Yard in Guangling, Shanxi

Project description:

When the belt conveyor on the long arm of the cone stacker reclaimer is working, the material falls from the head of the belt, and a disturbed air flow is generated inside, and the small particle material is raised under the action of the air flow to generate dust; The collision occurs between the material and the chute, which aggravates the generation of dust. Under the action of disturbed airflow, the dust scatters and overflows along the gap of the belt conveyor head, resulting in dust. When the material travels to the feeding point at the tail of the belt conveyor, it falls and hits the ground. After the falling material collides with each other, it scatters randomly (unorganized) around, and secondary dust is generated.

8 and 16 nozzles are respectively installed at the inlet and outlet of the cantilever belt of the stacker-reclaimer. By spraying fine water droplets atomized by pressure water into the dust escape area under operation, a thick layer of water is formed in the dust generation area. A large amount of dust generated during operation is wrapped in the water mist, and the water mist and the dust collide inelastically, and are absorbed by the water mist to grow into large particles and settle down to achieve the purpose of dust removal. The spray is switched on and off with the start and stop of the belt conveyor to ensure the best dust suppression effect with the smallest amount of water spray.

The special dust removal nozzle specially developed according to the characteristics of the dust can spray water mist matching the particle size of the dust, and the spray is very uniform. Experience has proved that it has excellent performance.

Project effect: Through the dry fog dust suppression system, the problem of large dust in the BBMG yard in Guangling has been completely solved, the health of equipment and personnel has been ensured, and good results have been achieved.