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We are capable of on-line/off-line scheduled inspection, large and medium repair and technical transformation of main equipment in cement, metallurgy, mining and other industries, which including but not limited to various specifications of rotary kiln, vertical/ball mill, roller press, crusher, reducer, elevator and other production equipment.

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The construction contents include but not limited to the planned large and medium repair, emergency repair and technical transformation measures of the above-mentioned equipment. Preventive maintenance includes the daily use and maintenance of the above-mentioned large-scale equipment to ensure the normal operation of equipment under full load or increased production capacity. Predictive maintenance includes condition monitoring and fault diagnosis of running equipment. We cooperate with domestic first-class Xi'an Jiaotong University and Beijing Institute of Automation to develop online monitoring and fault diagnosis system for rotary equipment, which can conduct 24-hour real-time monitoring of production equipment. Early warning for early detection of equipment operation problems, and issuing professional cause analysis and treatment suggestions (diagnosis report), so as to ensure reliable, intelligent and efficient operation of equipment.


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