Rotary kiln inspection, adjustment and maintenance

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We have inspected, adjusted and repaired rotary kilns with the following specifications

5.Φ6.2/6.4 x 90m.

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Inspection, adjustment and repair items:

1.Tyre contact\stress\wear\centerline straightness detection;

2.Measurement of tyre slip\end face runout;

3. Cylinder straightness, large gear ring, and radial runout measurement of cylinder running at each place;

4. Measurement of wear state of supporting roller;

5.Rotary kiln machinery running abnormal parameters and state detection, issue reports and adjustment programs;

6. Adjustment of supporting roller.

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Rotary kiln maintenance items:

1. Repair and replacement of tyre and supporting roller;

2. Rotary kiln vibration treatment;

3. Driving gear reversing and replacement;

4. Kiln cylinder replacement;

5. Kiln head and kiln tail sealing treatment.

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